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We bring together program leaders who want to assess and diagnose the health of their enterprise programs and develop data-driven strategies and improvement roadmaps using easy and effective tools and The Maturity Method™.

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When you join The Maturity Network today, you’ll get access to:

The Maturity Method™ course: Participate in this comprehensive video course that teaches you how to assess your enterprise program's health. Watch either Tammy or Tracy as they work through the 5 step program with your host so you'll be able to develop data-driven strategies to improve your program.

Tools and techniques workshops: Join interactive workshops where you can get help on using easy and effective tools to evaluate and enhance your enterprise program. Members get access to the latest version of the Enterprise Maturity Model (EMM) spreadsheets and report templates on maturity.studio. You'll be applying them directly to your program to reap the benefits of The Maturity Method™

Networking events: Attend online sessions designed for program leaders, where you can exchange ideas, knowledge, challenges and experiences.  Through these events and online interaction including polls and questions, you will expand your professional network as well as learn new approaches and solutions for your enterprise program.

What are the 5 Steps to data-driven strategy using The Maturity Method™?

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Benefits of Enterprise Maturity Modeling (EMM)

  1. Strategic alignment with organizational objectives.
  2. Prioritization of improvement areas.
  3. Informed decision-making based on data-driven insights.
  4. Adaptability and agility to respond to technology changes.
  5. Sustainable growth through continuous improvement.
  6. Improved internal customer experience and satisfaction.
  7. Risk management through mitigation strategies.
  8. Reporting metrics and performance that executives appreciate. 

The Maturity Method™ Extends EMM to help you deliver:

  1. Holistic assessments of strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Targeted initiatives for focused actions.
  3. Framework for performance monitoring and impact.
  4. Focus on enhancing engagement and collaboration.
  5. Effort on talent development, enhancement and literacy.
  6. Operational efficiency through process optimization.
  7. Industry best practices by adopting a best of breed model.
  8. Data-informed improvement through peer exchange.

Not ready?

Access the free EMMs. You'll luv 'em.

We always make our base models available for the benefit of our peers. The spreadsheets for you to use only include Step 1 of the Method but is still the better way to understand the state of your enterprise programs.

Our free EMMs are provided under Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. Terms available on the CC website.

We currently support 2 free models which you can access below:

  1. Slimgim 5.1 (Enterprise GIS)
  2. SlimD&A 1.1 (Enterprise Data & Analytics)

The method works in ...